What Hospitals Hire Medical Assistants?


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Medical assistants execute tasks of an administrative and clinical nature, by keeping the offices of physicians, chiropractors and other health practitioners functioning smoothly. Medical assistants are not to be confused with physician assistants, whose functions are entirely different.

The functions of medical assistants differ from office to office, depending on the locality and the extent of the practice as well as the practitioner's specialisation. They execute several administrative functions like answering pone alls, interacting with patients, filing medical records, making appointments etc.

The clinical functions of such assistants differ from state to state depending on the legal jurisdiction.

While formal training in this field is not needed, it would give you preferential treatment over other candidates. There are many certified courses accredited by CAAHEP that one can undertake.

To find out hospitals hiring medical assistants, look in the yellow pages for hospitals in your area.

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