What Are Some Drawbacks For Being A Medical Assistant?


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Donna Manning answered
Being a medical assistant myself, I love it. But that is what I chose as a career. Others I have worked with have wanted to further their careers by going in and LPN or RN program. Only the office we worked with wouldn't work with the college schedule, the office doesn't want to get tied up with changing their schedule or work loads which is totally possible in my office. So I would recommend going for what you want for a career. Because is LPN or RN is want you want eventually then be prepared to not get any help from you employer. In my city, Mobile. AL, you are not required to be certified. But I did it anyway, and glad I did. It gave me an additional $2.00/hr increase in pay over the initial offer of wages discussed in the interview for the job. I have the pleasure of working with 4 MD's, and the patients can be wonderful, a couple of them will get on your nerves. But it is nothing I can't handle. Good luck with you decision.

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