I Really Don't Like My Job. How Can I Enjoy It More?


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I think maybe less than one percent of all people are in a job that they enjoy, and get paid very well for it. At least that's the perception I've got from people working in organizations like Google and Trolltech (why all the IT companies). Two obvious solutions to the problem. Leave if it is making your life miserable, and reducing your productivity, or else you'll probably end up getting fired anyway. You have to figure out exactly what you hate most about it, and if there's anything you can do to make it better. If it is people, then changing your attitude is the key. If it is the work, then ask for something else you can do in the organization. If it is the whole lot, then it is probably not worth staying. But if you stay, the key is to know that a job for most people is just what puts bread on the table. There are ways to vent your angry or emotions on the job by taking up other hobbies or recreation, after all, that's why doctors play golf. You should also look for ways to innovate in your job, because that's the best way to increase job satisfaction. If you feel like you're doing the same thing over and over again, then no matter what the job is, you won't enjoy it. You can do this by making more contributions to the operation or interactions in the workplace, or even getting to know more of the organization.
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The best advice I can really give you is, if you don't like your job – leave! Life is really short and your probably going to have a hundred boring and irritating jobs before you find the one that sits right. I know this can be easier said than done. Of course you have to think about finance, but do you think you will last much longer if your work deteriorates because of your unhappiness.
You may need to look at the situation a little clearer. Is it the actual job (eg. The daily tasks, your particular role) that you don't like or is it another factor in the workplace? Could it be that the unhappiness in your job is due to the colleagues that you work with? If you don't thin those issues could be resolved then find another position in a company with more open people.

Perhaps you need more of a challenge. Jobs get boring if we aren't stretched or used to our full potential. Try speaking to your boss about taking on some more responsibility. Perhaps suggest something you'd like to do.

Maybe, you're just doing the wrong thing. Are you doing what you always imagined you would? If not, why not? What's stopping you? Things don't have to change overnight, but try and get yourself more active in areas you are interested in and the opportunities will follow.

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