I Hate The Thought Of Having A 9-5 Job, But What Other Options Are There?


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Louise Gorman answered
You could try freelance work. Being a freelancer allows you to set your own hours. There are drawbacks of course, but if you try out something you enjoy and promote yourself well then it shouldn't be a problem.

Another option would be to really have a think about what career appeals to you the most. If you find something that you really love doing, then you might find that you don't mind working those hours. If you are under qualified for a job that you really want to do then perhaps you could consider training. There are plenty of jobs which offer training opportunities.

You certainly don't want to be stuck in a 9-5 job which you don't enjoy. Have a look around and see what you like the sound of. Don't apply for things that you won't enjoy. A 9-5 job will certainly be more appealing if you choose the right career and if you are really against having to work that many hours then perhaps you could also consider part-time work.

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