What Are The Importance Of Leadership In Community Development?


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Leaders are important in any form of community development because they are responsible for shaping a Community focus, listening to the people's needs, make important decisions for the benefit of the community have foresight, encourage fair treatment of people, and develop partnerships that will benefit the community.

• The primary focus of any community leader is to shape the peoples' needs and direct all their actions towards it. They are a platform of voice and action whom the people can talk to, and who will listen, making them instrumental in any progress for the community.
• Leaders are also chosen because of their capability to make important decisions on behalf of the community and in order to do this must be good listeners. There may be small groups within the community that have conflicting issues, and both sides must be listened to and understood well by the leader.
• A leader's foresight is crucial in anticipating the outcome of their decisions and community's actions for the rest of the groups. Good foresight means understanding the past and assessing the present to produce a good future.
• People in communities can be extremely diverse, and a good leader is essential in promoting fair treatment of everyone no matter what their stand or position is. Each of their values and heritage plays an important role in shaping the community, which a leader can take to mould them for development and progress.
• Leaders also play an important role in fostering partnerships beyond their circle that will contribute to the betterment of their community. These partnerships should allow for more diverse services and products that the community can enjoy as a whole.

Leadership in community development is an important role that can make or break the progress of the people involved. They should be chosen well, and a good leader will bring paramount success in helping their communities enjoy more services and a better life.
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