Compare Management Information System And Decision Support System From Functionality Perspective?


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A management information system is based around people, technology, and data; a decision support system is based on hard facts and figures alone. From a functionality perspective, each system offers pros and cons.

About Decision Making And MIS Systems

  • Typically, a decision support system, which is usually run from a computer database, or a series of computer databases, is more functional, since it doesn't require the constant input of a variety of people.
In most cases, a decision support system can be maintained by one person or a few people; this staff team will update information, or "feed" the system, so that it can work efficiently and provide accurate results that assist with decision making.

  • An MIS system will require meetings between key players in a company or business venture - these people will discuss decision making, as it relates to current technology and up-to-date information. Information used to make decisions will be gathered from people, rather than only from databases. For example, customer feedback and reviews may factor into decision-making, rather than just sales figures, chargebacks, and monthly expenses.
There is no reason why both types of business information system cannot work hand in hand - in larger corporations, having both systems in play can lead to better visualization and decision making, in the long and short terms. The best business people will look at information from decision making systems, and then incorporate the results from those systems into a management information system, to provide the company with the best of both worlds.

Taking a business course can be an excellent way to learn more about decision making systems and management information systems. Colleges and universities (as well as community colleges) offer great business courses that outline the specifics and potential of each type of information business system. Online tutorials and free resources may also be available.

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