What Is Clerical Experience?


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Imad Haddad answered
Clerical experience means time spent behind a desk and a typewriter / computer. A secretary has clerical experience. Also, the ability to answer phones and file in alphabetical order.
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Vikash Swaroop answered
The term 'clerical experience' is used for a kind of apprenticeship that you serve in the legal system. Though the term can be used for any thing and the reason for the phenomenon is that literally it is simply an experience that pass-outs take by serving some senior. Most often it happens that a term becomes generic for a particular context and the same happened with this term; you can hardly come across the term other than that of a legal one.

You can find many of the advertisements for clerical experience advertised by the people; either they want to gain one or they want to recruit some. Sometimes you will find that some people get ready to take the offer even for free because it serves them well later in life and also helps them to get a job.

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