What Job Can You Get With An Interdisciplinary Studies Degree?


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Graduates with an interdisciplinary degree can choose from a wide variety of jobs both in the public and private sector when they leave university. Each year many graduates choose to enter a career which is not directly related to the subject that they studied. Many employers request degrees in a variety of relevant disciplines, as studying in higher education not only gives that graduate subject specific knowledge, but also a range of transferrable skills. Given that this degree is a combination of studies, students may be favoured more with employers as they can demonstrate flexibility, personal management skills and abilities in more than one speciality.

Studying an interdisciplinary course provides graduates with a vast array of skills which can aid their entry into many occupations, leading to a choice of careers. These skills are as important to employers as the degree is, as employers value potential applicants who can deal with real-work situations. Skills in problem solving, verbal, written and spoken communication skills, presenting ideas and arguments and dealing with complex information are essential in this ever-competing work environment. The interdisciplinary degree gives graduates these skills whilst on the course and will give them the opportunity to be able to apply for roles in the civil service, public administration, teaching and education-related roles, business and the retail sector. Being competent in written communication will also offer graduates the opportunity to apply for journalism, PR, marketing and advertising roles.

As with any degree, it is crucial for students to gain as much relevant experience in their area of interest. Unpaid work experience or a placement is always a good way to develop contacts, gain networking experience and obtain entry into their chosen field.
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You can get job in any field based on your field of concentration specifically. It is usually in the field of education (Teaching), social sciences, and arts and sciences.
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In Britain with an interdisciplinary degree you can apply for all sorts of jobs.
Not all that many people actually get jobs related to the subject of their degrees unless they are very specialised, for example engineering or medicine.
What employers are looking for is the fact that you have been educated to degree standard and have a level of organisation. An interdisciplinary degree shows that you are willing to lear and are adaptable which is good for employers . There are probably aspects and elements of your degree studies that you enjoyed more than others so you may think about taing these further with higher study or job related skills.
You can look at applying for a wide selection of jobs and make sure that you have a good CV which covers all your educational achievements.
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That was just the answer I was looking for today. That is what my academic adivisor told me, but I needed to hear it from someone else. Thanks!
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A job with an interdisciplinary study depends on which major you have taken. In case you are a student who has completed the education in Teaching, Learning, and Culture Department then you can go in for teaching. However, you will also have options outside the education line as well. You ill need to do a little research on that part.

Incase you have studied the Human Resource Development or Technology Management section then you will need to complete an internship as part of your course. This will make it easier for you get a job elsewhere later on. And you will definitely get to become a full time employer in that company once you have completed your graduation.

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