What Kind Of Jobs Can We Get In The Indian Army And How Can We Get Them After Studying Mechanical Engineering?


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I am doing a diploma in mechanical stream I want to join indian army suggest me how it possible
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The Indian Army is multi-dimensional. The army caters to the primary responsibility it bears of defending the nation in crisis, internal and external, at all times. In addition, it also takes on the challenge of meeting relief requirements and emergency operations. The kind of jobs the Indian Army generates is both, challenging and competency based. The operations are diverse and the responsibilities of the personnel are constantly upgraded. This has resulted in the creation of many specific placements open to adventurous enthusiasts, civilians and defense personnel.

There are vacancies for medical corps, ordinance corps and engineering corps, to name a few. The mechanical engineering students find ample and well-paying placements within the Indian Army. Research reveals that only a few engineering students are not naturally drawn towards the military. Engineering has developed as a profession within the Indian Army. The need for dedicated engineers, especially mechanical engineers, has increased over the last few decades. The candidates fit in well, within the Indian Army as special mechanical engineering corps, true craftsmen of the army. The personnel are responsible for designing, creating and executing designs that would prove valuable to the defense of the nation. They benefit by the many concessions on accommodation and travel that the army provides. The pay packet is lucrative, but the underlining ability to serve the nation and use the specific expertise to safeguard the integrity of the country is unparalleled. The Military College of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering at Secundrabad is credited with churning out dedicated mechanical engineers for the Indian Army, year after year.
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Craftsman of army,designing,creating and executing the design.
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