What Was Chris Berman's Salary?


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ESPN sportscaster Chris Berman reportedly gets paid somewhere in the region of 600,000 to 1 million dollars every year. While there are no official figures, Berman is among the highest paid analysts to work at ESPN.

He joined ESPN back in October 1979, just a month following its founding. He has been popular with the network since. This popular sportscaster also plays his alter ego, nicknamed The Swami, at times when making assorted predictions on Sunday NFL Countdown. Another interesting fact is Berman Berman has played roles as himself in eleven different motion pictures.

His catchphrase (in addition to a number of others) would be "He could go all the way!". It was initially a Howard Cosell phrase. Other popular phrases he uses would include "That's why they play the games" and "Rumblin', Bumblin', Stumblin."

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