How Do I Phrase My Salary Requirements In My Cover Letter?


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Rev. Dr. Charles Rogers Profile
Unless there has been a specific request to include your salary requirements on your cover letter, this is a matter that is best left for future discussion.
If you just want to make a potential employer where you stand, it works well to state that you do not want to make a lateral move, or that you are looking for a position with advancement in opportunities and income.
I recently went through negotiating a change in employers and did not reveal what my current requirements were until all interviewing was complete and the negotiation stage began. When we began I told them what I was currently making, by the time they made an offer (6 weeks had passed) I had been given a $3 per hour raise. Needless to say when I received their offer it was more (even with the raise) but not enough to justify me changing jobs. When I declined their offer, they called and I was able to explain the raise. They made a counter-offer which went beyond the raise and I accepted.
Good Luck and Just remain (and display) confident in your negotiations.
Gordon Porterfield Profile
Stating your salary requirements in your cover letter is not necessary unless it is directly called for by the potential employer.  Stating that you are not interested in a lateral move and are EXPECTING an opportunity for growth within the company is acceptable.  Your salary requirements should be discussed after an offer is made and/or you are directly asked (in person) what your requirements are.  It is okay in this situation to stick to your guns and have faith in what YOU believe you are worth in the workplace.  Good luck!

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