What Is A Secretary?


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A secretary is there to make sure the office where she is working at will run smoothly. A secretary will have many duties to perform. This will all depend on the office that she works for. Generally speaking, a secretary is well organised and extremely efficient. If you want to become a secretary your qualification requirements will vary. A minimum requirement will be clerking skills, such as being able to operate office equipment and typing. Employment prospects within this field will generally be good, especially if the secretary is a skilled individual.

Secretaries can also be known as an administrative assistant, a clerk or a personal assistant. These titles might reflect various types of a secretarial job, but they all carry out administrative tasks. A secretarial position is actually quite old: Roman and Greek politicians and businessmen used clerks and personal secretaries to supervise their affairs.

A secretary will handle correspondence, keep track of schedules, manage filing systems and operate office equipment such as copiers, fax machines and phones. A secretary might also answer the phone and route the phone call to the right people. A secretary may also deal with personnel paperwork, bookkeeping and budgeting. She will have to be experienced in computers as well as other electronics.

With all these clerical skills, the secretary is also an expert manager of people and time. A secretary is usually a very important person within the office, and they do not always command a salary as well as respect from an outsider that a higher ranking person within the office does. Good secretaries will anticipate the requirements of the office staff, will solve problems quickly, and work so competently that a lot of people will not realise just how valuable they are until they leave the job. A secretary can work as a temporary employee, part-time, or full-time secretary.
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A secretary is a position of administrative support. It is given to a person who effectively performs routine, personal and most importantly, administrative tasks for a person who is in a superior position. A secretary typically, would keep a track of the executive's schedule which includes meeting, appointments, commitments, reports etc. a secretary also performs tasks like typing letters on behalf of the superior, processing the computer to get access to data that the superior requires or want to save etc.

A secretary also keeps a record of all incoming and outgoing phone calls in the office. She is responsible for taking messages for the executive when he or she is not in the office. We can say that a secretary is like a personal organizer for a superior and performs a very important job. An effective secretary can also help the superior build bridges with their clients and work more efficiently and smoothly if the secretary works efficiently and smoothly.

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