Why Do We Need Fashion?


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According to a statement I read:

Y Zachi Cohen on September 7th, 2006, 9:11 pm 0 mikey838 wrote:ahh where to begin?

Okay there are many reasons why fashion is important to people.
First you might ask why are women in particular so obsessed with fashion?
Thats because how women look is primarily what men look for in a mate so women are always preoccupied with looks(also hair, skin, makeup, etc)
But this is not the only reason.Some fashion can indicate social status or belonging to a group.Ex:A man wearing an armani suit people may move out of the way for because they think he's somebody important;People wearing skateborder-style clothing often identify with the sub-culture of skateborders.
Another reason for fashion is expression of self.Some people feel that their clothing is an extension of their personality so they may choose to wear colors which they feel fit. Thats my opinion on fashion.Oh one last thing sex appeal falls in there too theres definitly such thing as fashion to show sexuallity.

For me I really I agree that Fashion is really a browned word that interprets how you would describe it.
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The desire to decorate our bodies so that we will be attractive to the opposite sex is as old as mankind. It was the heart of what we know as fashion. 

As people mingled with other nations and sects and were exposed to different styles of dress, they often chose to wear the style of (especially superior)other cultures. Women want to stand out and be seen as attractive, so do men. 
Different ethnicities value different parts of the body differently and therefore adapt the dress to best meet that value. Small waists, big breasts, rear ends, long necks, flat heads, all appealing to different cultures differently. 
If a dominant culture conquers your culture, you will be influenced to adapt to the dominant cultural ideas. This is how fashion is influenced in early times. We all want to look like the winners. Of course Royalty influences fashion in the prevailing countries. 
A darn good example is the way Jackie Kennedy influenced fashion in the U.S.A. In the early 60's. She was admired, so women wanted to look like her.
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Fashion expresses our personality by the stuff we wear on our bodies;)
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Fashion expresses our personality and fashionable clothes make us feel confident that we are looking good too.

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Yes, we need fashion because as the world is changing  day by day we have to update our self. Wearing fashion wear is not only to look good and trendier, some  believe that fashion is a needy thing for their social status.

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We need fashion to look pretty or look good when we move out of our home. No body should make fun of our cloths. There are many up coming fashion now a days and one of them is vegan fashion. To get proper knowledge about vegan fashion then Addresschic is the best place to get good advice on vegan fashion.

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Now the time we need the fashion.Fashion expresses our personality.
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Fashion is now simple for everybody. If you want to look perfect and noticeable then you have to adept new fashion. You have to wear your clothes as per the situation.

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Fashion is an art form, and without it, we would lose one of the greatest ways of expressing ourselves.
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If we don't we will all be homos on the street except the people with fashion without fashion were nothing well allbe in very ugly clothes rage ty stinky clothes
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Fashion is my life. It makes us have great clothing and what would we do without it?

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