What Is A Reflective Statement?


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A reflective statement shows that you have thought about something yourself. If you just repeat what someone else has told you that is not reflective.
If some thing happens and you consider why it happened and whether it would have been the same if certain factors had been different , you would be thinking reflectively. If you then write about what you have considered you would be making reflective statements.
For example a teacher might reflect on why a student misbehaves in their class. They might consider whether the work is too hard or too easy for that student, or whether they need to change their own behaviour, being stricter or being more friendly, or they might think that they need a more snappy start to lessons or a more interesting topic to involve this student, they might decide to get to know the student better or they might consider excluding the offender. All that thinking would be reflecting on a problem. Telling someone about these thought would be making reflective statements.
To get started you could reflect on in what ways 2 things are the same or different.
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Before a job interview a visit is planned in a new Department to observe. Patients were asked in. Clear instructions are given regarding  their clothes to be removed. They may ask about their jewellery, is it safe to leave on whilst the mammography takes place and any other questions which they may have to ease their apprehension

The process then begins with the Radiographer telling the Patient exactly what was going to happen during this process.  The breasts individually have to be placed in to the machinery, the button is set and the squeeze process for a few seconds takes place and the image is taken - this is then repeated on the other side.

The Patient is then told when to expect the results and is then invited to redress and nothing further needs to happen for this appointment.

Next the cassettes have to be removed and named and packed up ready to go for processing. Notes must be written up on each Patient at the time of the imaging  to avoid any loses of films.

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