Does The Military Test For Steroids?


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Incorrect. The military will only test for steroids if they suspect you of using them. The standard testing is for THC, amphetamines, cocaine, and heroine. It costs a lot of money to test for elevated hormone levels. Don't worry about it.
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The military uses
  urinalysis drug testing to ensure that soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen
  aren’t under the influence of illegal drugs.There’s quite a bit of mystery
  surrounding the drug testing process.The drug testing lab first performs a
  preliminary screening test on all samples using an Olympus AU-800 Automated
  Chemistry Analyzer. All negative specimens are discarded after this round.
  Any urine sample that shows a positive indication of drug use is retested
  using the same equipment. If that sample also provides a positive result, the
  lab uses gas chromatography to identify the specific drug in the urine
  sample. The lab reports a positive result only if all three samples test

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