What Are The Most Important Factors That Should Be Considered While Designing The Layout For A Retail Firm?


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For every retail firm, its layout is termed as the 'selling machine'. It is the physical arrangement that goes in the establishment of a business or firm. For retailers, layout is specially important because they are the only members of the supply chain, who come in direct and the most frequent contact with the end consumers.

Therefore to acquire the optimum level of sales, a retailer should be very careful and fastidious while designing the layout for his retail store. The most significant factors that he should pay attention to are eight in number. The first one is the correct and accurate knowledge of consumer buying behavior. The second factor speaks about presentation and displays and advocates this idea by suggesting that the presentations and displays should be made in such a way that generates maximum customer attraction and encourages them to enhance their buying pattern. Also, customer services is something that could make or break the business. High level of services would encourage buyers to revisit while low level of customer services would not only annoy the customers but would also make them make a negative reference about the retail store to their acquaintances and friends. Moreover, physical surroundings and ambiance of the store could have a very sanguine impact on the consumer psyche. For instance, soft tunes playing in the background or a fragrant scent filling the atmosphere could contribute towards a longer stay of the customers and hence generate additional sales. Organization of products and merchandise is another significant dimension of designing a layout. Accessibility and convenience should be the two sub-factors that should be kept in mind. Other than these factors, visual spaciousness and separation of activities is also very vital as it facilitates the buying experience and encourages the consumers to revisit the store.

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