Does Appearance Have Any Importance During The Job Interview?


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First, unless you're interviewing for a job
in fashion, it's very unlikely that a specific suit of clothing will actually
get you a job offer. That being said, if you happen to be dressed poorly, that
can hurt your chances. So if your clothes are basically dirty, that can hurt
your chances. It means that you're someone who doesn't take care of themselves
and potentially doesn't take precise care of your work either.

Another thing that being dressed well can
do for you, it can make you seem more connected with the people who are
interviewing you. So if you are dressed in a way that your interviewers are
likely to dress, than your interviewers are going to be more likely to be more
comfortable with you than if you are dressed in a way that shocks your
interviewers. In a sense, you're using your wardrobe to show that you can
culturally connect with people at this firm.

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Muhammad Azhar answered
Some people persist in thinking that their appearance has very little to do with their ability to perform in a job, and so give little consideration to how they dress for an interview. Whilst the logic in this thinking may be unassailable, it is a dangerous thing to do because it fails to take into account that interviews are largely about managing perceptions. Interviewers have certain expectations about dress codes.

Failing to meet those expectations is dangerous. The rule of the thumb for dress and appearance is to err on the side of caution. On the whole, interviewers tend to be cautious and conservative when hiring someone. The last thing an employer wants to do is to hire the wrong person. Reliability, loyalty, consistency, trustworthiness and dependability are qualities that all employers seek in employees, no matter what type of job it is. Your task at the interview is to signal to the interviewer that you have all those qualities, and dressing appropriately represents a good start.

Here are some tips:
• Always make a point of wearing clean clothes and shoes.
• Jeans (or anything else) with holes in them may make a positive impression on the dance floor, but are unlikely to inspire an interviewer.
• Avoid excessive jewelery and makeup.
• A designer may make you look manly and represent the latest word from the fashion gurus; however, it's likely to make the interviewer think that you didn't think the job was important enough for you to bother shaving.
• Avoid extreme hairstyles.
• Avoid displaying too much skin.

There is a sensible school of thought that advocates dressing according to the nature of the job you're applying for. So, if you're applying for an accountant's position, you wear a business suit, whereas if you're applying for a labourer position on a building site, a business suit is inappropriate. All this is true; however, the above tips on dress and appearance remain important.
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You should be confident but not be over confident. In fact, over confidence is injurious to the health of interview. It spoils the charm and originality of you. So, be normal and behave like a normal person. It is important to be smart in an interview.

Your outlook matters a lot as you should be according to their requirement. It is better to wear decent and not casual dress during an interview. Don't look odd or over smart as well. It is better to apply light make up if you are a female. It is good to go for pruning your hair and outlook if you are a male. Be yourself and don't try to go around.

Say something in answer of every query. May be you don't know the answers but it is good to say something in every answer. Don't keep mum. That is harmful to you. You should look smart. Don't go for looking over smart. Be simple and choosy. Be what you are. Don't try to be what you are not. All the best!
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In my point of view, appearance is a secondary thing to be noticed.But reality is somewhat opposite from my opinion. Unfortunately, your appearance is the main point of focus.
Irrespective of your qualification and your capabilities, recruiters are mainly concerned with your outlook it means: they are interested in how do you speak, how do you smile, what is your age, what is your height etc.

These all are rubbish but true.These measures to select an employ are set by our society. Electronic media has played a major role in moldling the tendencies of common people. Now every one prefers glamour and style in his/her life. In the business world, the stylish, well dressed and good looking employs are considered as a key to success. Especially the females are considered as a glamorous commodity in business.

Each and every company that is seeking for an employer, demands for good look. This is not a fair criterion to choose a best employer for a job, because your appearance does not determine whether you can do this job or not. Your look is not in your hands. Allah has blessed someone with face beauty and someone with mental creativity.Each recruiter should set their selection criteria as which is requirement of that job so that, best suitable can get this position.

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