Can You Help Me With A Job Application For A Maintenance Mechanic?


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I imagine from your question the meaning is related to finding a job as a maintenance mechanic. Because until you have applied for a job and someone in the company has given you an application, there is not an application to be completed. So, let's begin with finding a job. This is the difficult part.

I do not know, if you are in the United States or elsewhere, but I think you are in the US, because of the job title you used in your question. I also do not know your age, training or if you have any experience as a maintenance mechanic. Therefore, I will give you some general suggestions.

There many different types of maintenance mechanics and I am not certain, if you are a trained maintenance mechanic for industrial machinery installation, repair and maintenance; an equipment maintenance and service mechanic; a general maintenance mechanic or other type mechanic. I can only suggest some general information for all types of mechanics who are looking for work.

1. If, you are young and inexperienced, then the best way to find a job is to look in your local newspaper for job openings. Call the number provided in the ad or go to the place seeking an employee and ask to fill out an application. If, the job has already been filled they will inform you and may ask you to fill out an application form, in case another job becomes available. The person may talk with you about your knowledge and experience at this time.

2. If, you have a local Unemployment office in your city or town, go to the office and tell the clerk you are looking for a maintenance mechanic job. This person will have you complete an application form and then will tell you of any local openings. In many of these centres you will find job listings on computers they provide for a job search. If, you find an opening you follow the directions given to apply for the opening.

3. Another way to find such a job is to call local places of business where maintenance mechanics work and ask, if there are any job openings for a maintenance mechanic.

The best way to find a job is to make known the fact you are looking for a job. Searching Help wanted ads, telling people you know you are looking for a job and asking people, if they are aware of any job openings for a maintenance mechanic.

Good luck!
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You've had it if you're living in the UK I'm afraid, I've been looking for about 8 months now and found nothing that doesn't need me to already be a mechanic

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