Could You Give Me A Sample For BPO Job Interviews?


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The interview does not depend solely upon you and your responses. The interviewer has the job of selling the business and position to you. So, keep in mind the interviewer feels some pressure just as you feel some pressure. When the interviewer asks, do you have any questions respond, Yes, thank you. I do have a couple questions. Will you share with me, the company's definition of a good employee? Have you worked here for a long time? How would you define the overall spirit of employees within the company? All company's must deal with unexpected problems at times. How do managers here handle unexpected problems?  Say, thank you for answering my questions, I appreciate you taking the time to do this.    Now for the interviewers questions:    Tell me about yourself and why you are applying for this position. This just means to give a little summary about yourself. I was born and raised__ I have __sisters and brothers. I live at home or __. I enjoy __. My favorite thing to do is__. I have always enjoyed learning new things and my favorite subject is__. I decided to choose BPO because__.    What strengths can you bring to this company? I am very good at __(organizing my work, asking clarifying questions in relation to assigned tasks; taking responsibility for my mistakes and correcting them.    What are your weaknesses? I have a tendency to __excuse the mistakes of others and take the blame myself. I have a tendency to shy away from conflict and give in to others whims.    What do you know about this company and what led you to apply for this position. I have heard this company has a good reputation for honesty and integrity. I have also heard this company cares about employees and helps their employees improve skills. Or anything you know to be true. I applied for this position because from the job description, I believe I have the skills to fulfill the job requirements. I see it as a stepping stone to where I want to be in five years.Or the real reason you chose this position other than the fact that it is an available position.    What are your career goals? State them clearly and orderly, state realistic goals. In five years I want to be a manager or working for a larger company or working as specialist in__ State how you plan to reach your goals such as additional classes, an advanced degree, specializing in__.    Why should we hire you? You should hire me because I am an organized person who knows how to arrange time and complete work on time. I respect the right of others to possess and express ideas different from my own. I like to work with others and share the feelings of a job well done. I peformed well in all my classes and possess the skills needed as stated in the job description. I have a strong sense of responsibility and enjoy learning from those more experienced than myself.    Would you be willing to work overtime if you asked? State whether you would or not and how long you would be willing to work into the evening. Think about this: Would you be willing to work late at night and be back at work on time the following day? Not all people would be willing.    These are some suggested questions, which can get you thinking. Go to the link below to review more possible questions for BPO positions.  http://www/  m/job-articles/interview-tips/behavioural-interview.htm 
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I assume that you are applying as a Customer Services Representative/Telemarketer at a BPO which is short for "Business Processing Outsourcing" or "Call Centres" as popularly known by people. For positions like these, the BPOs don't ask you a set of very difficult questions. As a matter of fact, almost all the BPOs want to make two things sure and that is whoever they are going to hire should have good communications skills and is confident enough. They need a good voice that makes the person on the other end of line feel like listening to whatever they have to say.

They will be checking your spoken English (or whatever language they need for that position) skills which they will find out through your answers.

They will be asking you to tell them something about yourself, what made you apply at their company, where do you see yourself five years from now on, would you have a problem working in the night time, why do you think you would be good at this position, what is your level of commitment going to be like with their company etc.

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