What Gave The Greatest Feeling Of Achievement In Your Job Position ? Why? Can You Give An Example Of When You Worked The Hardest And Felt The Greatest Sense Of Achievement?


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We feel good and very high when we are struggling for something for a long time and that thing is completed then at that time we feel our self very great. It is because when you any of your work accomplish with great success then your moral become very high and you feel you're self outstanding. You think that you can do anything what you wish to do and struggle on a thing. And it feels better when other people of the organization also appreciate you for your work and oblige from you, and because of which you gain some high position in the organization.

Yes I felt, very high and out of this world for my first achievement. When I was in my school and I played a role in a singing competition and I got the first prize for that singing competition. All of my teacher and friends was very happy for me. And my position in-front of teacher become high and also my friends was so much obliged from me.
When we got some position in the society or in any organization then at that time, our moral become very high and we start working hard greater then before.

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