How Do You Answer This Question At A Job Interview? Give Me An Example Of How You React To Change?


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This question is not one I have ever been asked, in a job interview, however for some positions I imagine, it would be an appropriate question. As, I think back over positions I have held, the most frequent type of change was a change in my positions within the company or a change of a supervisor within the company. Both types of changes can be difficult in some ways and very helpful in others.

When I was promoted from a position, to a supervisory position in one company, I was excited and looked forward to the challenge. The staff I was to supervise were great people. I was lucky because we were able to work together. My reaction to this change was a great feeling of achievement.

When I was promoted to supervisor another time, I was not very happy. In the position I was in, there was a boss between me and the top boss. I really was not fond of the top boss, and now I would no longer have a buffer. So, my reaction was one of doubt and anticipation of failure. Not, a very good reaction to have. However, soon after I was promoted the top boss left the company, for "greener pastures" and I was excited and grateful. My job worked out for me and the new boss was great.

So, I reacted with excitement in one case and reacted poorly in another and all worked out for me.

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