What Are Some Of The Different Kinds Of Transportation System In Singapore?


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Singapore has improved its transport system from the colonial times and it is known to have one of the best transport systems in the world. Changi airport in the eastern part of the island is one of the largest and most modern airports in the world. MRT (train system) and SBS (bus service) are some of the cleanest and most efficient transport systems in the world.

The roads are known to be the best roads in Asia. Private cars take up just 3 % of their vehicles so there is little pollution, and that is one of reason why its environment is so clean. There follows a breakdown of the various transport options tourist have in the city-state.

AIRPORT: Changi airport is one of the largest airports in the world. It has all the modern facilities, which are to be expected of a first world country. It is in the eastern part of the Singapore and is located 20 km from the central business area. It was built near the Changi prison, which the Japanese made in World War two.

TRAIN: MRT (Mass rapid transit) began in 1987, offers passenger to travel faster and saver so that they can reach their place quickly. There are 85 trains and there is a capacity of 1920 passenger per train, the average speed is 45km/hr .They cover a distance of 234 km.

BUSES: SBS (Singapore bus service) was formed in July 1973 in an attempt to upgrade the standard of bus service. SBS was formed when 3 bus companies were merged; this joining of three companies marked the
beginning of SBS. Old buses were replaced and bus schedules were improved. SBS aims to prove their users a world-class service, which is safe, comfortable and reliable. SBS operates more than 2400 buses daily together there are 16 bus interchanges and more than 3000 bus stops.
The method of payment in busses is also very easy. The same card is used in busses as well, but the difference is that the card is inserted in to the vending machine.

TAXIS: There are 2 private companies for taxis, known as Yellow cab and Comfort. There are around 15000 taxis, there is a customer services which allows you for advance booking of a taxi and it also provide passenger with on-call facility. Taxis are comparatively cheaper and faster than other mode of transport.
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In Singapore, there  is a two kinds of taxis available for riding.
One is traditional cabs another one cabs are available for riding that
can be hailed through taxi dispatch software. Most of the cabbies having their own personalized transportation system for their cabs to make ease of managing and allocating jobs to drivers. These apps can allows to pick near by taxi by single tap.

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Singapore's public transportation network in based on railways, cable cars and city buses. The railway system is well developed and includes what is referred to as "Mass Rapid Transport" (MRT). The MRT network consists of three lines, a total of 109 km worth of track and 67 stations. Three major lines connect various urban areas and an additional three light rail lines connect the MRT network to other neighbourhoods.

Provided that everything goes according to plan, Singapore's MRT network may be larger than the London Tube, thanks to massive expansion efforts currently under way and to be completed by 2030. If everything comes to fruition, Singapore's rail system will grow to 540km.

In addition to the rail network, Singapore's public bus system is even more extensive, with approximately 300 routes. The company that runs and maintains this network is called SMRT Buses Ltd and was formerly known as SBS Transit Limited.

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