What Is The Definition Of 'Wage Garnishment'?


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A garnishment is actually a mean of collecting money in which a third party(garnishee) is ordered to pay to plaintiff which garnishee owes to defendant. Actually it is a legal sort of term.
A process granted by the court order through which lender obtains directly from employers as a part of the salary from the employee who is behind the payments to the lender.

In a more generalized form we can say that:
Withholding amounts from employee's disposable pay and the paying of those amounts to creditor is garnishment.
Wage garnishment is the most common type of garnishment. It involves the process of deducting money from an employee's salary etc. as a result of court order.
In the United States such payments are limited to 25% (of the total disposable money earned by the employee) by the Federal law.
Garnishment can be taken into any kind of debt but the common are:
1- Child support
2- Taxes
3- Unpaid court fines
4- Any other type of money judgements
For an employer the garnishment serves as payroll process. When he is processing the payroll sometimes the money in employee's net pay is not enough to satisfy all garnishments. Then a garnishment priority is set.

For example:
In the case of federal tax, local tax, and credit card garnishments,
the first garnishment taken would: federal tax garnishments,
then the local tax garnishments,
finally, garnishments for the credit card.
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In law, it is the responsibility for understanding and meeting the related requirements falls largely with the employer. Of a debtor's wages to satisfy a judgement. Under a garnishment order, the court requires the employer to subtract and pay to the creditor a percentage of the debtor's salary until the debt is satisfied. As legal redress, the practice can be traced to Roman law. debtor and creditor.

Pay checks introduced a new and refined way of wage garnishment services for the employees that makes it easier for the employees to take off the burden which is related with the collections and allowance of the employee wage garnishment.

Wage garnishment is a legal procedure, usually by a court order, through which the entire individual's earnings are required—which is to be withheld by an employer for the payment of a debt. It is said that as many as one in ten US workers and employees have some form of wage garnishment, and the responsibility for understanding and meeting the related requirements falls largely with the employer. The main and the key point is that this feature of the Garnishment Payment Service is the ability of Pay checks is to send or forward garnishment withholdings to all the companies and the agencies, also including the one that accept or , is some of the cases , require electronic payments.
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The definition, put simply would be a deduction from your pay check for some debt that you owe.
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Can an employer have a policy that states that if you make a mistake on a payment, you are responsible for the charges?

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