What Are The Disadvantages Of Being A Member Of The American Nurses Association?


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The disadvantages of being a member of an organisation such as the American Nurses Association are fairly minimal in contrast to its advantages. Registering as a member of such an association means that they views expressed by the American Nurses Association are seen, by others, as the views of every single member. Sometimes associations such as these can release a statement or an idea, even share a political stance that a member may not agree with but the majority has expressed. In these circumstances it could be seen as a disadvantage to be a member of the association, as the view is automatically being associated to you even if you do not share it.

With so many members in the American Nurses Association, it may also take a while to get someone to deal with your specific query or worry. If you are one of a few with a unique problem, it may not be priority for the organisation and you may not be able to get all of the support you need.

Generally though for members the advantages will easily outweigh the disadvantages of being part of the American Nurses Association. The America Nurses Association was set up to help protect and advance the profession of nursing. The organisation represents registered nurses across the 54 constituent member associations.  With three subsidiary organisations, they focus on advancing health policy and practise, qualifies nurses in a speciality and any facilities that have nursing excellence. Being a part of such an association means that you can share the achievements made by the organisation. When issues that affect you are brought to the attention of the people in charge, you can have the reassurance that you helped make a change for the better.

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