How To Create My Bio Data For A Job?


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Bio data, or resumes, are an essential part of applying for a job. It is possible to find a range of templates and ideas for creating bio data at

Using the templates available on this website, and many others, it is possible to create a really good resume that is unique to you and forms a basis for a successful application. Bio datas need to contain essential information about your education, work experience and skills and interests. Each of these sections should be written in a clear and concise way that best emphasizes your good qualities.

  • Education
The education and qualifications that you list within a bio data should only date back over the past ten years. Qualifications at GCE Level should be summarized, for example 5 A to C passes at GCE Level including English and Mathematics. Post GCE Level qualifications can be written in more detail with individual subjects and grades listed. Unusual and additional qualifications can be added but make sure that they are relevant. A certificate in Ancient Greek is not particularly useful for a job position at a bank. Make sure that your highest qualification is listed at the top so that it is the first one that the employer sees.

  • Work experience
Starting with your current or most recent employment, list the work experience that you have had over the past five years. State the job position that you had, the company it was with and over what time period you worked there. Add two or three bullet points detailing the key responsibilities of your role. If there are any gaps in your work experience, be prepared to explain them at an interview.

  • Skills and Interest
This section of your bio data should be made unique for the job that you are applying for. Consider the skills that you have developed from your past education and work experience and state how they could apply to the job in question.

A well written bio data can be one of the crucial factors in a successful job application. Including the relevant information within it can contribute towards getting a job role.

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