How To Start A Salary Loan Letter To The Company Needed For Housing Loan?


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To put together a letter to a company for an advance or a loan on your salary, the following information will be required: Gross annual income, net annual income (income less taxes), length of time employed within the company and the amount of time the contract is expected to last. The required information can be requested by addressing the letter to the Payroll department and including your employment number as a reference. You should word the letter as such: Dear Sir/Madam, I would be obliged if you could please provide an advance on my salary of (enter amount here). This loan is required to (insert reasons for advance being needed here). My annual Gross income is (insert amount here) and my income after deductions including tax is (insert new amount here). I have been employed by the company for (length of time employed) and feel that my contribution and loyalty to the company prove my worth.  I would be able to pay this salary advance back at a rate of (insert a reasonable rate that you feel the company will be happy with, whilst leaving enough for you to survive on). I would be grateful if you could let me know of the decision in this respect as soon as possible. Finish the letter with "Yours faithfully" and sign and print your name. Only send this letter if the company has a policy in place for advancing salaries to employers, as a request to an employer who are not in the habit of giving out advances may result in embarrassment. Should you have problems putting this letter together there are template letters available online for this type of query. Examples of template letters can be found at: and
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Dear sir,
Please send one sample letter for salary loan leeter to the company.
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