How To Write A Salary Revision Letter?


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A salary revision letter can be written from either the employer of the employee. Although the letter can come from both sides, the content will be very similar either way and the main points are valid whoever is writing the letter. A salary revision letter should be written to request a revision of your own salary or to inform an employee that their salary has been revised.

If you are asking for a revision to your salary, you should make sure that the letter provides evidence and examples of why you believe that your salary should be revised.

The main points that should be put in the letter are;

  • Name of employee and date. These are important for the obvious reasons.
  • The change or suggested change to salary, outlining what the salary was before the change and then the salary after the increase or decrease.
  • The reason for salary revision; whether this be examples of the employee going above and beyond, showing that they deserve a salary increase; or the employer explaining that they have looked at the achievements the employee has made and have decided to give a salary increase. This is to explain why the change to salary has come about.
  • If written by the employer, the salary revision letter should have information of who the employee should talk to if they have any questions about the salary change and the date that the salary is going to change.
  • If written by the employee, any reasons that do not involve their achievements that they believe should influence their salary revision.
All of these points make a good salary revision letter; you should also make sure that the letter is not too long and it gets to the point of the matter as early as possible.
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Dear Sir,

With due respect, I humbly like to bring a request for salary increament.

As you well aware that I have small salary. You know that I working in the company since 8 years. From my small salary and day by day increasing the living cost, I am facing very difficult to maintain my families cost. Also I am just comeback from my vacation.

You know very well that I am working in the company with my best with hard and sincere.

Thanking you very much for your kind consideration.

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Format to write a letter for salary revision?

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