How Do You Write A Letter Asking For Salary Increase?


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Writing a letter asking for an increase in salary is quite easy but it is important to word it correctly.  Firstly it would be a good idea to set your letter out properly as a nicely presented letter looks impressive and would add to your suggestion.  Microsoft Publisher offers a letter template but there are plenty online too.  The letter will then need to be introduced properly.  For example you could write to outline your request politely in the first line, something like, "Thank you for the experience I have gained during my time at this company, I have grown a lot in my understanding of the role and as such I am writing to ask for an increase in my monthly wage."  It is also important to quantify your request.  The letter should include details suggesting why you feel you are eligible for a salary increase, listing details of improved quality or quantity of work.  It may be pertinent to add details of how you have become a role model within the company or how you exceed in your role.  The more examples you have of your good work, the better the request will look and the more likely it is to exceed.  A good way to word this would be, "I believe that my quality has improved over the last six months and I exceed my job description daily by..."  Finally you will need a polite closing line to finish the letter on a more humble note.  Something along the lines of, "I hope to hear from you regarding my request and look forward to discussing the matter with you.  Thank you for your understanding on the matter."  Remember to check your letter for spelling and grammar so that it remains impressive and keep the letter short so that it is not too overbearing to read.
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Well before writing a letter asking for a raise analyse your company policies thoroughly. Are you supposed to have yearly performance reviews to determine your salary?

Try to be as polite and gentle as possible, get your point across in the simplest manner. Before writing the letter make sure that you make a list of all your accomplishments, which you will need to add in the letter when asking for a raise. State the particular problems which you have worked on, and what contribution you've made in solving these problems.

Explain to your employer why you deserve a raise, how have the business operations and profits enhanced since the time you have been around. Keep the letter as short as possible and keep in mind not to force your self onto your boss.
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I would like to bring your kind notice that I have completed 17 months after join with IPSR. Until now I didn’t get salary increment therefore you are requested to revise my salary structure.

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