Why Are Managers Important To An Organization's Success?


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Managers are very important for organizations because a manager plays very significant role in planning and making decisions of the company. Managers control and monitor the employees and in the current era managers also facilitate the work of the employees. Managers are also responsible for the allocation of the resources available to the organization like allocation of the work force, financial resources and material resources etc. Managers also set the short term goals of the company and they also facilitate the top executive committee in making long term decisions about the company. For ensuring that employee are moving in the right directions for attaining goals, managers keep checking their work. Hence, managers play a very important role in the organizations.
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Without management there is no organization - just a lot of people in a work place not knowing what to do! Basically management is everything from deciding what tasks need to be done, allocating work to the  right people, arranging training for those who need it to getting cover if someone is absent. In a small organization you may have just one person managing everything, in a large one you have several different departments, but it is all management.
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Managers are important to an organization because they guide employees and they entertain complaints and suggestions.....
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Managers are very important because organizations need their managerial skills and abilities more than ever in these uncertain complex and chaotic time.     

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Managers are important for any business to succeed as they
are the one who plan, control, organise and lead every aspect of the organisation.
They will take care of the production process and will make sure that every
worker is well informed about the ultimate aim of the firm. They lead the
entire workforce towards success.

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