What Is The Importance Of Management?


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Management is a necessary evil of any business. They provide the leadership and administration that will ensure that the business runs the way that it should.

There are some management personnel that are more effective than others. Some are very involved in the day to day operations while others choose a "hands-off” approach.

Typically though, managers will ensure that the staff is doing what they should be doing so that customers are being treated the way they should in a timely manner.

Management will also ensure that the location is up to standards, regardless of whether it is a franchise, a restaurant, or any other facility - everyone has standards.

Management will also handle "back of house” operations including scheduling, payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable. These will ensure that product gets to the location, people are paid, invoices are paid and bills are mailed out to past clients. All of this is required so that a location runs smoothly.

If a location is seen with several hiccups, it’s usually as a result of poor management.

The more a manager knows what’s going on in his/her business, the more successful it will be. It’s easy to go into any business and ask employees what they think of their manager. There will be a variety of answers given all across the board. Listening to these comments can help a business improve drastically.

Management’s purpose should be seen after a simply observation of the company. If you can’t see their purpose, then it comes down to the manager not doing their job. If a business is running well, however, you can know that not too far away is a great manager that’s making sure that it’s running the way it’s supposed to be.
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1.through management a good team of workers can be created. 2. Helps in achieving organization goals. 3. Proper utilization of resources economically to avoid wastage. 4. Shape the view of organization
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Importance of Management: Personal management enables all persons in the enterprise to contribute most effectively to its purpose in the performance of their duties. It promotes individual development and encourages mutual confidence and under-standing between the employees and employers. It thus attains personal and social satisfaction which tends naturally to seek within their working environment.

It provides an invisible framework by which various individuals are fitted into an effective team. Personal management is also concerned with assigning authority and responsibility to individuals with a view to communicating between experts at various levels, and to enforcing accountability. It helps make possible the large and effective aggregations of employees we know to day.

If personal management is to function correctly, the personal executive can reduce disagreements that arise regarding his place on the company team but also can help instruct others on their logical personal duties and relationships. Personal management is not confined to industries but it has also equal importance in all types of offices laboratories, non profit institution and armed services.

In the words of An American expert in management "Management is the development of people and not the direction of things". So personal management is generally concerned with the promotion and simulation of every employee to make his fullest contribution to the attainment of the objectives of the enterprise, that is why personal management has in modern times become the primary responsibility of each and all managers, regardless of their areas of work.
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The managements if how manage to our working.. Or if what are you doing..
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The importance of management have too much points but if we summarize all those points it become that management minimize the cost and maximize the profit.
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Guided by the higher than criteria, management can use a mix of policies and techniques for the management of capital. These policies aim at managing this assets (generally money and money equivalents, inventories and debtors) and also the short term finance, such money flows and returns square measure acceptable. Personal Development Skills

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