What Acts Protect Employees Against Working Times And Wage Issues?


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The labor law, or what is sometimes called the employment law, is used to protect employees with regards to working times and wage issues.

The labor law includes the following working issues:

• Contract of employment
• Minimum wage
• Working day
• Health and safety
• Anti-discrimination
• Unfair dismissal

The labor law was introduced to give workers rights and employers guidelines of what they can and cannot do with their workforce. Before it was introduced many people worked up to 15 or 16 hours a day for little pay in jobs such as mining. If they suffered ill health then they were still forced to work, as if they didn't work they didn't get paid.

Also before the labor law was introduced, employers could pay their staff as little an amount an hour as they wanted. This of course lead to exploitation of the workforce and needed to be addressed.

The minimum wage was introduced and this has dramatically improved the income of many workers and given them the chance to reduce their hours and still earn what they would have before such a rule came into force.

Most people now work an 8-hour day and earn at least the minimum wage and this is thanks to the labor or employment law. It is there to stop the exploitation of workers and to make it a fair and rigid system for whatever type of work you maybe doing.

However many third world and developing countries are still without these laws and so there is no minimum wage. This means a lot of foreign workers try to move abroad and work in a country that does have a minimum wage as this can greatly enhance their financial position.

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