What To Wear To Job Orientation?


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In theory you can wear pretty much anything, but my advice is it is better to make an overly good impression than a bad one. This doesn't mean that men have to wear a full suit and tie or that women have to wear a suit jacket, skirt and hair tied up; it just means that you should arrive looking smart and professional. Basically just ensure you will make a good first impression.

It is always a good idea to see what other staffs are wearing when at the interview and then you can see what will be expected of you. It is usually advisable to dress similar to how you would at work there. However, if you are worrying about this, I would advise contacting the HR department or whoever interviewed you just to double check. This will not reflect badly on you, it will show that you care about making a good impression and that you will take your job seriously. The reason I say this is that I got a job in a sports centre and at job orientation they had me putting trampolines up and doing all kinds of activities! Luckily I had phoned ahead and knew to wear a tracksuit; otherwise I'd have arrived in business attire (not a good look when running the length of a sports hall). At least if you have asked the question, you are fully aware of what is expectation of you.

Don't forget this is the first time your colleagues will be meeting you so appear presentable and make sure you smile and make good eye contact. In terms of the clothing, I would definitely advise contacting the employer in advance and go smart. In addition to these rules, make sure your hair is freshly washed, your finger nails aren't dirty and that you appear generally clean and tidy.
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It depends on what type of job you are going to orientation for. If it is for an office job the a nice business suit of navy blue or black with a matching tie that is not loud or flashy, For women a nice skirt that comes down just below the knee of navy blue or black, and a coordinating blazer with a white blouse, you do not want to show cleavage. If it is a department store or casual place of business a pair of khaki slacks and a nice solid colored coordinated shirt will be fine.

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