What would you wear to a job interview?


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Whatever I wanted, since I owned the company.

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Depends upon the job you are interviewing for.

Blue collar work needs only business casual with the possible addition of a tie, while a white collar professional job should require a suite, and tie.

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It depends on the job. I have had professional jobs where I showed up in heels and a dress or a suit. I have had blue collar jobs where I showed up in dress slacks and a nice shirt.

Never wear jeans. Always look clean and wrinkle free, and well groomed.

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Men's Interview Attire

Here are examples of interview outfits for men. Men should always default to wearing a suit. All clothes should fit well and be free of stains. Make sure your clothes are clean and wrinkle-free.

  • Suit in a solid color such as navy, black, or dark grey
  • A long sleeved shirt that is white or color coordinated with the suit
  • Leather belt
  • Tie
  • Dark socks and conservative leather shoes
  • Little or no jewelry
  • Neat, professional hairstyle
  • A limited amount of aftershave
  • Neatly trimmed nails
  • Portfolio or briefcase

Women's Interview Attire

In general, fashion for women is more complicated and varied than it is for men who have fewer options.

This makes assembling an interview outfit a bit more challenging for women than for men. For instance, if you're wearing a dress or skirt, you need to decide if you should wear pantyhose or if bare legs are acceptable. Women also need to consider interview accessories and choose an appropriate purse. The best interview bags are ones that are professional and large enough to fit a resume but aren't flashy.

Here are the fundamental building blocks of what women should wear to a professional interview.

  • Suit in navy, black, or dark grey
  • Suit skirt just below or above the knee
  • Coordinated blouse
  • Conservative shoes
  • Limited jewelry
  • No dangling earrings or arms full of bracelets
  • No jewelry is better than cheap jewelry
  • Professional hairstyle
  • Neutral colored pantyhose
  • Light make-up and a limited amount of perfume
  • Clean, neatly manicured nails
  • Portfolio or briefcase

Most employers are able to decide whether to or not to hire a person at the first phase of an interview. And the very first impression is the visual impression. So if you are undressed like you are not serious about the job interview –by not dressing professionally or not paying attention to small details such as shoes or clothes, you could be rejected before you’ve even started.

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