How To Write An Application For Annual Leave At Work?


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I want to apply for annual leave and want to extend it to one more week how to write to the management.
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Dear sir,
I would like to go on annual leave for 4 days from May 4th to May 7th . I would really appreciate that if you would consider granting me this four days leave.
Best Regards
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Dear Sir,

This is to request you to grant me the Annual vacation from 10/09/2006 to 09/10/2006 for the year 2005. My vacation is due since 9th March 2006.

Your early consideration of my request would be appreciated.
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Just put in it a request for time off with exact dates, and general reason for leave
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With due respect, I ‘SSSS’ wants to go on Annual leave for
12 days from 1st March to 12th March so you are requested to grant
me annual leave for the same period. I would really appreciate it if you would consider grand-ing my leave for 12 days.
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Respected Sir,

Please grant my Leave for One month. From______ to ______

I will be highly grateful.

This is for your kind information

Yours truly

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