What Is Tha Minimum Wage In Ontario Canada?


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Whats the min wage in Ontario if your an adult but work part time under 28 hours a week and work on a golf course which I have heard is under farm labor rules..?.?. But I have not seen the exact laws that apply for the employer for a golf course anywhere.
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First, let me explain Minimum wage, it means the lowest wage/salary an employer pays it to his employee for the services utilized. Every employee has a minimum wage that he is eligible of whether he works part-time, full-time, contract or for that matter even if he is paid hourly. For a certain job the minimum wage would differ and there are special rules for it.

As on February 1, 2007, the general minimum wage has risen to $8.00 per hour. This is some good news for all you people out there. Previous to this it was $ 7.75 per hour. We all know a mere $0.25 does not really make a difference but when we total for a week's hours put in, it does show a better figure.

The increase in the minimum wage has happened the fourth time since the Ontario government has taken the office.

Now the most important people we need to discuss are the ones who earn commissions based on the percentage of their sales. Even in such a scenario a person should be earning atleast minimum wage based on the total number of hours put in. To know whether you are earning the right amount, all you need is a simple calculation; amount earned in a certain pay period divided by the number of hours you worked in that pay period.

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