How Do I Talk About My Biggest Failure In An Interview?


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To talk about your biggest failure in an interview you first must decide, if and when, you have experienced such a failure. Maybe you have never experienced anything you would call a big failure. Depending upon your age, and life experiences, not being aware of a big failure, may be the truth for you. If, this is the case then you need to state this in your interview.

When children grow up in a loving and caring family, a family that is supportive, a family, in which everyone helps everyone else to achieve their goals, big failures do not always happen to them. Even in homes where you are put down for failures this does not mean you are a failure. Failures should be treated as obstacles to overcome not as permanent reminders, to keep you feeling bad about yourself.

If you have never experienced a big failure, just answer this way. I really have never experienced what I would call a big failure. I try to deal with mistakes as learning experiences. If, I fail to reach a goal, I try harder the next time. I am sure I have failed at times, but I do not spend time fretting over these things. I try to focus on doing my best each day, and some days I succeed and some days I do not, but to me it is the effort which counts.

Now, if in fact you have experienced something you believe was a big failure. First state, that while you are aware what happened was a mistake, you learned from the mistake, and that is past history. Today, my focus is looking forward, not backward. I can tell you about my mistake, but I would rather talk about the successes in my life, and who I am at this moment and who I hope to become. I have no problem admitting mistakes, I would be ashamed of my failures, only if, I did not have the intelligence to move beyond them, and strive for higher goals.
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Do not listen to Jomar... Terrible idea.  Most interviewers don't care what kind of failure you have.  These kind of questions are to see who you are.  If you said what Jomar said for not having any big failure, you will definitely see failure after your interview.  Interviewers want to see how you learned, adapt, and changed from your failure.  Doesn't matter what kind of degree it is, to be honest, they can't tell you if your failure is your biggest or not... So just give anything with a good story.
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When you are asked about a failure in a
interview, it's important not to describe a failure that can seriously embarrasses
you. Rather, you want to show something where you made a mistake and were able
to overcome it, learn from it, and perform better in the long run.

Then you want to tell a story of a
situation where you made that mistake, how you reacted to it, gathered
information, feedback, advised a plan to correct that mistake, and the steps
you took to correct for it.

Ultimately, what you learned because of
that mistake and how the results were still positive at the end. So, in
thinking about a mistake that you made that you want to tell an interview, look
for that criteria a story that fits that, rather than potentially the largest
mistake of your life.

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When the interviewer asks about your biggest failure,

Talk about your real life experiences and how come you have faced that failure and what you have learnt from that.

If at all you still not experienced any failure try to expose something which you have seen.

You should speak in such a way that, that is a drastic change in my life and gently i managed and come out of that likewise you should speak.

Failures are the stepping stones of success. Ans you should say as after facing the failure i understood what exactly life mean and now I am  very much clear and strong to face any kind of situation.

Likewise you should be in a position to answer any type of question in the interview. There are some practice online interviews like InterviewBuddy-  where you get extreme answers from the industry experts.

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"You don't that just makes you look unsecure you need to just say the good things" ...?/ what does that mean man?

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