How Should I Write A CV For A Cabin Crew Job?


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I need latest cabin crew CV format , becoz its urgent write . For apply for this post.
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Can I get an example for a cover letter for the post of a cabin crew
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I what an example of a drafted cv as a cabin crew member
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The job of an in-flight cabin crew member is exciting and lucrative. However, the vocation calls for a natural flair for hospitality and etiquette. Most domestic and international airlines have similar requirements that a candidate is expected to meet. The common ones include physical attributes such as height, weight, personality and poise. Academic qualifications differ, with a higher secondary certificate being the minimum qualification for domestic airlines and graduation, the minimum requirement for international carriers.

When writing a resume to apply for post of cabin crew, you should highlight the following:
- your height and weight being in proportion
- normalcy of eyesight, specify the use of contact lenses, if you do use them
- pleasing personality
- flair for travel and interaction
- flair for service and assistance
- your availability to join the team immediately, if chosen
- your hobbies and interests

You should learn swimming, if you don't know to swim, as soon as possible. This is one pre-requisite to any airline, national or international. You could highlight this capability in your resume and join swimming classes immediately. The covering letter should be neatly aligned and hand-written. Do not forget the normal formal letter courtesies and format. Highlight the subject of the letter and ensure that every academic claim is backed by copies of the certificates. You must enclose one passport size and one full length photograph, in the attire specified by the airline.
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Thanks a lot..!!! I got a great help now I can write it..!
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I looked at some websites advertising positions for
Cabin Crew staff. After reading through these sites I believe your CV ought contain those items which show you are qualified for the position of Cabin Crew member. I suggest you take a look at some sample CV's and get an idea of the basic items included in a professional CV. The placement and arrangement of items on the page is very important. Equal margins all the way around should be the same width. You want the visual appearance to catch the interviewer's eye.

Items you would probably want in a CV for position of Cabin Crew member, which is not necessarily in other types of CV's you may write at a later time. Document any previous experience you have had in customer service or related experience.This could be work as a clerk; librarian; table waiter; cashier; retail sales; desk clerk in hotel, motel, or perhaps ticket taker at a theatre. Any temporary, part-time job, in which you had direct contact with customers. Show you have had at least 3 GCSE level passes.List your height and weight.

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Cabin crew members are the most important component of the Airline Service Industry. You have to highlight your skills and abilities that make you fit as a cabin crew member. Also you need to highlight your education, any specific courses you have done in this subject and most importantly your past experience in this field. The following link will lead you to a sample CV for a cabin crew member.
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Resume writing is an art in itself. It requires a lot of attention and skills. Many people use almost a single resume for all kind of jobs which is a totally wrong plan or technique. Every job needs some specific skills and knowledge, so your resume has to be specific for every job.

For jobs in cabin crew you must posses a good knowledge about the airplanes industry. You also can go for some specific courses for this. For a job in cabin crew, first you need to have some courses in cabin crew work; because it is a technical job and needs some technical course and techniques. Cabin crew jobs are comparatively hard and need almost 100% travel so you must be tough and willing to travel any time. Now for resume writing for a cabin crew job you must include all the courses in your resume. You must tell the employer in a cover letter and resume that you love traveling and are ready to travel any time. You must show in the resume that you can work under pressure in any situation. These are some techniques for resume writing for cabin crew jobs, which can grab a good job for you in cabin crew.

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