I Am Getting Out Of The Army In 7 Months. I Have Been In For 10 Years. Where Is The Best Place Tp Find A Job?


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Well there are many companies who require security profession and usually they prefer an army retired officer for performing such companies. You just keep looking in the newspaper there you will lot of jobs for the army retired person. However there are many internet recruiting or electronic recruiting companies which are providing their services for the recruiting, you can search their databases you will surely find a job there. So this is the good way to find a job through the internet. You can also submit your resume to the companies because they always need such a experience person for their company. So you will get a job easily because you have lot of experience.

You can register yourself with some recruiting agency which will help you to get a job very easily at a free cost. So you can try these all method I am sure that at least one will work for you so keep looking for a job. These are the sources you can try to find the job for you. You have still 6 moths to retire so do not need to worry this is lot of time to get a good job. Just keep on looking for the job.
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Sounds like too broad a question. What are your main skills, experience ? What do you most like doing ?

There are lots of jobs that involve driving, for example - some really boring, some quite interesting. There's construction work, security guarding, driving a fork lift. Or do you have computer skills ? Admin or managerial experience ?

Apart from the obvious places - Job Centre, local paper etc. - you might have a look online at Overseas Job Centre. (Type that name into Google, and it'll come up.) They're NOT a commercial agency - more like an information exchange - quite useful. They get postings of job vacancies from all over the world.

I'd definitely recommend looking up whatever Veterans' organisations are available to you (not sure which country you're from). Try typing 'Veterans' into Google.

For useful information on housing, benefits while job hunting etc. If in UK, strongly recommend a visit to the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Best of luck with it all -

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I would suggest Brisbane, but that's only if you live in Australia.

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