What Do You Know About Modern Resume Style And How Can It Be Written For Professionals?


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A resume is your personal document which gives an outlook of your abilities and skills for seeking a competitive position for your career growth. One can write a resume in many different styles. The style which you would prefer for you will be called the template of your resume. Here I would like to present a Modern Resume style. I would like to show you how the information should be arranged in a modern resume style.

The resume will start with your name in the center of the page following your address with telephone numbers and email. You must place your picture in modern resume and it would be on the left side of your page facing your address. Draw a line after that, it will give a glorious look overall. Beneath it you need to give the objective of the position for which you are applying to and also draw the line after that. Start with your academic qualification details with the most recent degree you have and the percentage or CGPA achieved. Subsequently you should mention your most recent working experience followed by the old one. Afterwards you need to mention your skills with profound look in each category you have. Also mention your hobbies and activities and then there comes the place to tell that how much languages you know and how good you are at them. Please also mention your awards and certificates you have achieved during your qualification and your professional experience. You should also give the reference of at least one person to make your resume a worth looking.

This is how the modern resume should be written for professionals.

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