Which Subjects Should Be Covered In My First Resume That Is To Be Submitted To Any IT Based Company For Job? And How To Write A Resume?


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You can mention major projects in your resume, for example C, C++, Java, Networking, database, Data Communication, Digital Logic Design, Software Quality Assurance, Artificial Intelligence etc. But actually you don't mention subjects like this in your resume and instead of this you mention your major projects which you did in your courses. For example if you did a project of hospital management system in your database course then you can mention this in your resume.

Now come to the other point as how to write a good resume. Normally, a resume contains following sections.
(1)Areas of interest
(2) Education
(3) Major Projects
(4) Hobbies or interest
(5) Technical Skills
(6) Career Goals
(7) Experience

Experience is the only section which is not included if someone does not have any working experience. "Technical skills" is a section which needs to be changed sometimes according to your job. If you are applying for a database job then your technical skills section in your resume may have Oracle, Developer 2000, Microsoft SQL Server but if you are applying for a programmer job then your technical skills section may have skills as C,C++, java, PHP, Linux etc. For writing a good resume your skills must be appropriate according to your job. It will have positive affect on your resume.

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