What Is Meant Of Greening Of Management?


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The recognition by the companies that there is close link between an organization's decisions and its actions has consequences on the natural environment. In the past the organizations did not paid much attention to the environment which is affecting by their activities. There were small groups who showed their concerns in protecting the environmental and natural resources. There are many manufacturing entities and factories that are adding damage to the natural environment for the sake of getting money and getting rich. They have no concern for the environment.

So this awareness is aroused by some environmental protection group and they highlighted in the media for the protection of environment so the companies started to pay attention in cleaning and safer environment. Managers are now involved In greening of management. There is a list of global environmental problem. Some of the major environmental problems include resource depletion, global warming, pollution, industrial accidents and toxic wastes. One research has showed that most of the developed economies contribute much in the global environmental pollution. Now it is organizations responsibility to protect the environment by different measures. A lot of things can be done by the managers to protect and preserve natural environment. Some organizations do it with the fear of Law.
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Companies are gaining profit from the environment they are operating but it is true that they should show concern specially for those manufacturing companies using the natural environment as their product. The government, companies and NGO,s should do extensive campaign about environmental awareness.
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The current awareness towards the scope of every industry reaching out to enhance the natural environment has made every entrepreneur consider greening of management. Greening of management is a modern concept. It involves the conscientious effort to ensure that the business conducted by a company is environment friendly and safe. The destruction caused to our natural environment because of the indiscriminate discharge of toxic elements in the surroundings is alarming. The extent of destruction over the past few decades has made it mandatory for us to consider revising our stance.

Greening of management adheres to all safety measures for man and environment. It involves an integrated effort to consider environment concerns. Management is effective only when it is adaptive to change in the external world. The 21st Century has ushered in the need to identify and deal with global environment issues. They are no more the concern of 'someone else'.

The concept is fast catching up and is being widely accepted by concerned organizations and individuals. Those who accept and implement greening of management, ensure that the actions of all the members of their staff and the operations conducted within the business are within the rules and regulations laid down by authorities for the protection of the immediate environment.

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