What Is The Role Of Personnel Management In An Organisation?


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The role of personnel management in an organisation is to perform both operative and managerial functions within an organisation. A personnel manager is defined as a head of a personnel department. His or her role could be summarised as follows:
·         A personnel manager will provide assistance to the top management, who decide and then structure the main policies within the organisation. Different types of policies that are related to the workforce or the personnel can be structured effectively by a personnel manager.
·         A personnel manager will assist a line manager in having to deal with a diversity of personnel matters. He or she will offer advice to a line manager.
·         A personnel manager will also act as a counsellor, and will attend to any grievances and problems of the employees and will guide them. He or she will try to solve these issues to the best of his or her ability.
·         A personnel manager will act as the mediator, and will be a link between the workers and management.
·         A personnel manager will also be a spokesman. Because the employees are in direct contact with him or her, a personnel manager will be a representative of the organisation in any committee that is appointed by the management. He or she will also represent the company in any training programme.
In short, the four main functions of a personnel management are with manpower planning, recruitment, selection and development and training. A personnel manager obtains, utilizes and maintains a satisfied work force.  He or she is an important part of a company concerned with the employees at their workplace and their relationship in the organisation. They will also manage blue-collar as well as individual workers, and will try to help their employees develop to their fullest potential.
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The term Personnel Management is outdated and currently the term Human Resource Management is used. Both of them mean the same thing. It involves taking care and handling the organizations most important factor to that would lead to its success. The people that work there. One has to maintain a balance and efficiently coordinate with the employees so they can work more efficiently and more vigorously. Use this linkHRM
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Personnel management is d administrative discipline of hiring and developing employees so that they become more valuable to d organisation.
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Give an account on how personnel management operate in your organization
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Personnel management is managing personnel/people/employee which means developing potential of personnel to achieve organizational goal.
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Is  the effective use of the skills of people to bring development of individuals, maintain a safe and effective environmental condition, utilize the available resources, and to ensure job satisfaction among workers.
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Human resources management is a proactive approach and personnel management is a reactive approach discuss
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There is a good answer to this question given by another Blurter and you can read it here. If  you want further information on this topic, it is a good idea to look up the term human resource management as well as personnel management, as the latter term is less commonly used nowadays and reflects an older style of management.

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