What Do You Know About The Scientific Office Management?


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Scientific management, as the name implies, means the application of the scientific method for the solution of the problems of management. In its application, the scientific approach is used in meeting problems of all types instead of depending on tradition. In view of the present day complexities and growing magnitude of management responsibilities, scientific office management is perhaps the best solution.

It does not mean that office management is a pure science. It is the application of scientific principles to management decision-making. Scientific management is characterized by a scientific method of attack in the solution of business problems and the development of managerial techniques. It looks, considers and evaluates customs and traditions, personal intuition and experience, and inductive deductive thinking.

Techniques of scientific management involve in these steps; Setting up of standard tasks through scientific investigation and research (time, motion and method of studies), analysis of operations to evolve the best method of doing the standard task, scientific selection of personnel and their training in the methods involved, standardization of materials, equipment and working environment for workers, Introduction of specialization in the administrative and organizational set up and Improvement of worker-management relations through good faith, perfect understanding and better incentive wage plans.

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