Describe The Importance Of Office Management?


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1) To provide, proper and sufficcient information.
2) To facilite functions of other department.
3) To facilate decision making.
4) To prepare all the record of the business.
5) To plan the activities and implementation of such plan.
6) To coordinate the activities of all department of the business.
7) To handle inward and outward problems.
8) To have idle flow of work without any bottleneck.
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Image management is also known as impression management in some contexts. It is very important to build a positive image in the work environment to project a professional image in the eyes of supervisors and coworkers. The world is very much interdependent today, therefore it is important to have good image so that work can be get done from others. Effective image management increases the possibility of getting success quicker in any field of business. People will listen more to you and will value your views if you have positive image among the people. It increases the person's influence over the others and enhances the personality as the person strives to maintain his/her good image among the people and will strive for continuous improvement in his/her personality.
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Through office management official information is collected, analyzed, edited, maintained for the purpose of development of official activities.
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In the university, it will help the students in planning, forecasting, organising, etc and to be ready to embrace future challenges in the organization
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Office management bis the universities is very important even  though one might not see the effect until he or she graduate from school.  It comes with some importance listed below    . Planning.  Planning is the basic function of office management. It is the  establishment of organizational goals and determining how to accomplish them.    It’s importance in  the university as well as other institution will see itb as anticipating  their future  and determining  the best course of action to achieve  organizational or personal goals. It also  entails Forecasting. I.e. Trying to tell what will happened in the future due  to what happened i      n the past and  what is happening at present.    It prepares the students towards challenges in the future        Also, Organizing. It refers to as creation of a structure  duties and functions to achieve the objectives of the enterprise. It may be  determining  what activity are necessary  for any purpose and arranging them in groups which will be assigned to  individuals

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