How Many Hours Do Carpenters Work In A Day?


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I guess it depends on a company policy. When we were doing a home renovation, we addressed carpenters, they worked the whole day (you can look through the leaffilter reviews if you are interested or in search of good service). In case you hire a freelancer, the working hours might vary.

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I thought it depends on their plan and the contract, I remember the time when I needed a carpenter to make myself an adu, he took only a few hours to finish everything. And since I've always wanted an adu los angeles, the result was more than satisfying to me, and I like receiving compliments about it.

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I just want to make a new porch and I need a woodworker and a hardware store to buy lumber.

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A friend of mine advised me to look into timber merchants near me when starting a renovation, as they have a wide range of cheap commercial quality lumber near me, including treated timber. I was able to buy everything I needed and they delivered it to me for free. I also read a lot of positive reviews about this company, so I recommend it to you.

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I worked 8 hours a day. There are times when you are needed to work longer for what ever reason but you get paid for overtime for it. If l was asked to work extra with out getting paid for it. I would pack my tools and tell the person running the job to mail my pay due me to my home and leave. In the beginning a carpenter has to put up with a lot of bull sh-t. Now when you get to a certain point that you know and they know you are good you then have more control as to how you are treated in the work place and at that point getting another job is a lot easier to get.
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Varies by job, any construction worker can works anywhere from standard 8 up to 12 or 15 if required

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