Can You Define Salesmanship And Describe Its Importance?


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Definition: Salesmanship is an art of influencing another person for the object of persuading him to buy specific product. It may be regarded as the process of winning the confidence of consumer. According to whitehead "It is a method regard to the desirability of some article, service of idea." Salesmanship may also refer to convincing a customer by certain technique and he is really persuaded for buying the particular product.


1. Salesmanship helps to create demand for new products or new brands. It influences to change in patronage from one source of supply to another which results concentration of purchases of specific product.

2. As it wins the buyer's confidence so it helps to make regular and permanent customers.

3. The person who is engaged in convincing the public desirability of a specific product is called salesman. He informs the customers about the usefulness of commodity with a view to inducing him to buy the goods.
4. He establishes the good will of firm in the market. So the sales volume may easily be increased.

5. He constantly observes the fashion, taste, like and dislike of customers and informs the producer about their choice.
6. He helps to establish close relationship between the manufacturer and consumer.
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There is a great importance of the salesman ship which is used by the different companies for increasing the sales of the company. There are many companies on the business who believe on the idea of the salesmanship advertising. Both are two different thing in the advertising you totally rely on the advertising for the sale of your products while on the other hand the companies only believe on the salesmanship for example the medical companies usually market their product with the help of medical companies so they consider this approach very much because they do not spend heavy amounts on the advertisements.

A salesman is a person who sale the company products to the individual customer by personal visiting them and making sales presentation to the customers for the sale of the product so this is the reason for the sale of the products the most of the companies use salesmanship for the sale of the company the products. The salesmanship is all about the people of the company who use to market the products of the company. So this is all about the salesmanship. So the salesman uses his skill for the sale of the product for the companies.
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Importance of salesmanship
Before the Industrial Revolution, the goods were purchased in small quantities. They are sold in the local market without any problem. After the Industrial Revolution, the position is entirely changed. The goods are purchased in large scale.

There is a keen competition among the producers of the goods. Each manufacturer tries to outbid other from the market. In order to survive in the market, the manufacturers must know the promotional strategy of the market. Selling is no more if or miss business. It is an art of influencing people, persuading them to purchase the product.

With the revolution in the means of transport, the importance of sales function has further increased. Goods are produced not only for selling in the home market but also in different other countries. There too, the manufacturers face stiff competition.

The success of business now depends as to how well the goods are sold in the market. Salesmanship can be defined as the art of personal persuasion employed to induce others to buy. In other words, according to Prof. Whitehead,"Salesmanship is the art of so presenting an offer that the prospects appreciate the need for it and a mutually satisfactory sale follows."
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It is true that none of the MBA programs teach you salesmanship. The reason may lie in the fact that salesmanship cannot be taught. It is something you learn by doing it.

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