What Are The Duties Of A Sales Person?


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A salesperson’s primary objective is to sell, though there are many skills involved and their duties can be quite diverse depending on things like the size of the retail outlet they are involved with.

A successful salesperson needs to keep up to date with product knowledge so they can answer any questions that are put to them, and they need to put customer service and satisfaction at the top of their agenda. There is no need for subservience, but it is the duty of a salesperson to establish a rapport with a potential customer. It is more likely that you will get a sale this way (you can guarantee you will not get one if you have a ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude).

In addition, a salesperson’s duties may include handling cash and using a cash register, so you need to be honest and careful.

The majority of salespeople have a varied job description and they may be expected to process financial transactions and bank the takings; order stock; advise customers; take part in promotions; create displays; participate in refunds and exchanges; and negotiate deals with customers.

There are some qualities that are essential for a salesperson and these include having excellent communication skills and being able to work under pressure. You can be sure that if all you do is grunt at people and have panic attacks if the going gets a little tough, you won’t be in sales for very long. Expect targets to reach too, as your boss will be intent on ensuring that profit margins grow with every quarter.
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Sales is the principle function of Marketing. It is the art of makes sales of a product or service in exchange for money. Salesman is the key person who is involved in this process. A salesman is a person who is responsible for the sales of a product. Usually he/she is the person who comes in direct contact with the customer and he can make or break your business.

Following are the duties of a Salesman:

- Receiving the customers in a pleasant way.
- Attending to each and every customer.
- Helping the customer in identification of his/her needs.
- Displaying required products
- Giving demonstrations where necessary.
- Making promotions for the displayed products.
- Handling bargain situations.
- Handling Credit situation.
- Making the customer aware of new offers, discounts, schemes etc.
- Making effective and pleasant communication with the customer.
- Listening to the customer
- Making the customer aware of the practical use of products.
- Assessing the preferences of the customers.
- Arranging for appropriate display of goods.
- Appropriate packing of products.
- Recognizing the frequent customers and their buying behavior.
- Communicating favorable image of the organization as a whole.
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The duties and responsibilities of a sales person are as follows:
- Assist the customers in selecting products
- Answer their queries about the products or the store in general
- Keep a check of inventory
- Sales of goods
- Report to the Store In charge
- Maximize sales and profitability of the store.
- Maintaining store standards by keeping it clean
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Prepare a daily report activities.
Assist the customer efficiently and promptly.
Handle his queries tactfully.
Enhance the image of the company by providing quality service.
Visit the customers regularly once a week.
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1. Honest with his profession.
2. Attractive personality, Punctual, Committed.
3. Knowledge of product.
4. Knowledge Customer requirement
5. Suggestion for customer to purchase right product.
6. Present mind.
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Salesman at least must have the following attitude :
1. Serving all people as the candidates of our customer.
2. Just put in our mind that there is no second chance to meet the customer, only today.
3. Make a list (people or company contact details)
4. Having good product knowledge.
5. Pro active in making relationship with any body.
6. Open mind..
7. Keep learning
8. Set written goals.
9. Make a plan; how to realize the goals.
10. Work the plan.
11. After all; the salesman may expect the best for the result
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The role of a salesman is : " selling " he/she does his/her best to sell out the goods , so the main is how to communicate with people , being able to persuade people to buy his/her goods .
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The duties of sales person is to greet all the customer and  to provide attentive service to the customer,to promote the product , arrange  product attractively and to satisfy cusromer needs and wants,
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A salesman is the person who is responsible for sales in exchange for the item.
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Here are the nine things sales people should be responsible for:

  1. preparation  of  plans 
  2. store and  stock  check
  3. established  the needs
  4. develop  the plane
  5. sell the plane 
  6. close  the sale
  7. merchandising  
  8. administration 
  9. post review

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It is very simple to find the definition of a salesman as any good dictionary can give you the definition of the concept. Usually the dictionary mention the word with the heading sales so if you don't find the word at its heading just go to the definition 'sale' and there you will certainly find the definition of the term that you have described in your question.

If you know the meaning of the term sales then you can devise the definition by yourself. 'Sales' is a word that conveys the idea of giving something to somebody in exchange of money. Usually it happens at a proper point that is called a shop. So the definition of a salesman is obvious that it is somebody who is responsible for giving the thing in exchange of money.

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