What Does A Fashion Promoter Do?


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The role of a fashion promoter is to entice the consumer into purchasing new fashion styles through sales promotions that catch the customer's eye.

  • Theory of fashion promotion
The theory behind fashion promotion is that most people want to better themselves including the clothing they wear. In this way, they will look at a promotion to see what may make them look physically better. They also want to make others aware of their good taste. Fashion has always been about social standing and the ability to wear what is currently fashionable.

  • The role of a fashion promoter
The fashion promoter has to take this theory and apply it to the fashions they are trying to sell. Any fashion promoter is going to have to come up with a campaign that will catch the eye of the consumer.

It can be done in a variety of ways. For example a fashion promoter at a fashion show is going to use the show as a way to showcase different fashions for the wealthy and hope to make sales to retail stores that can afford to have the products on the racks.

Other fashion promoters work for retail stores bringing in new merchandise and then arranging it for the consumer. Think about any retail store that sells clothing. They have a fashion promoter who will seek what is currently hot or what they can make hot to sell to consumers. They will then devise an ad campaign and floor design that will showcase the clothing in order to promote it to the people who buy products from their stores.

The better the innovations for display the easier it is to sell an item. Fashion promoters are also going to wear some of the fashions they promote in order to help increase the demand for the product.

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