How To Give Self Introduction In Bpo Interview?


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A good introduction to an interview is important, especially for a job in sales or management as the character of the individual is considered highly important.

• Basic Details.
Begin by giving your name and your place of birth, along with any specific information about your place of birth that you feel is relevant. Once this has been done, list your highest qualifications that you have achieved, from first to last. If this part seems repetitive or boring, edit it down.

• Work Experience.
Follow this with a brief overview of your work experience. This will allow the interviewers to gauge the relevance of your experiences to the position. This is very important because it will establish whether or not you are right for the job. If your work experience is wrong or badly presented, it will sour the interview

• Social Life
A short description of your family background can now follow. Interviewers can establish whether you are a family person or not, and the limitations or advantages that come with your status relating to the job. Someone with a family may have time commitments to their children, but be more driven to make a career and provide for the family.

• Hobbies.
Next, inform the interviewer of your hobbies. This will make you more of an individual in their eyes. You may be lucky and find some common ground with the interviewers which may favor you.

• Strengths.
Finally, give a précis about what you think your strengths are. This will allow the interviewers to form a better picture of you and how you may fit into the role they are offering.
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There are 2 ways to answer this question.  If you are going to mean how to start, the whole thing then I would say, start with your name. Keep a broad smile on your face. Maintain eye contact with the interview members. Warmly shake hands.

Secondly, start saying the best things about you like your skills, achievements that you have accomplished and how you are most suited to the job. If you are looking for a job in BPO, then you can apply for BPO jobs easily by visiting Monster India job portal.  Start applying and be-ready for the interview.

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My name is john.I completed my pg in 2009 and I completed my ug in 2006.this is my interveiw I'm attending.

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