How To Give Self Introduction In Class Room?


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Introducing yourself in the classroom can be a daunting experience, but employing the following tips will ensure your introduction is successful. To give a self introduction, you should firstly be sure to arrive around five minutes before incoming students. Write your name on the board, so your students know how it is spelled, even if the spelling of your name is very straightforward.

Once your new students have found their places and settling down, you should grab their attention - perhaps by clapping your hands and simply making a statement of 'hello'. You should then introduce yourself and explain your role as their new teacher. It is a good idea to highlight here how important you consider mutual respect to be in the classroom, which always sets a class of students off to a positive start. You are then ready to begin the lesson.

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With the generous holidays and rewarding experiences attached to the teaching profession, it is incredibly lucrative to many - some even feel teaching is their calling. If you are currently in school, but wish to become a teacher in the future, you should start by applying yourself thoroughly in class to gain the highest marks possible in your examinations. This is because you will need a strong university degree to secure a teaching position. When it comes to college, you could either pursue a specialist training course or a degree in the subject area you wish to teach, if this is applicable. You will also need to complete teacher training courses and gain experience in the classroom. After this, you are ready to apply for teaching posts in schools across the country and even around the world.

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